Heritage360 is a heritage-sector research centre and technical services provider, based at the University of York, UK. Our expertise brings together digital design, visitor interpretation, historical research and heritage strategy to create innovative, effective approaches to engagement with the historic environment.

Formed in 2019 as a partner entity to the well-respected Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture (est. 1999), we aim to bring the wealth of experience built by this established organisation to the wider heritage sphere. Our team includes archaeologists, archivists, historians and IT specialists with experience in both academia and commercial heritage practices, and our portfolio ranges from academic grant-funded research projects through to the development of visitor interpretation strategies with heritage-sector clients.

Heritage360’s in-house technical team offers a range of services to support heritage organisations, including web design, mobile and touchscreen visitor engagement, 3D reconstruction of objects/buildings, and high-quality photography. All design and technical development is undertaken in-house to maintain the level of quality and heritage-awareness that lies at the core of our work.

We pride ourselves in offering distinctly heritage-orientated services that can be tailored to suit any size of organisation and budget. Contact us to explore the possibilities for your heritage project.