A Roman mystery at the Yorkshire Museum

To support a major exhibition at the Yorkshire Museum, Heritage360 captured 3D scans of the Ryedale Hoard - an exquisite set of Roman bronze artefacts found in North Yorkshire.

A Roman bronze bust of a figure with a beard, thought to be Marcus Aurelius.

In 2022, Heritage360 teamed up with the Yorkshire Museum to provide 3D scans of the Ryedale hoard and create digital copies that could be viewed both online and on visitors mobile devices in gallery. These digital models allow users to interact with these fine and delicate objects in realtime, whilst leaving the orignals protected in their display cabinets. From our scans, ThinkSee3D created a small handling collection which accompany the items on gallery and can be used as teaching aids. 

The hoard, which included a small bronze bust of Marcus Aurelius, was found in a field near Ampleforth in Ryedale, North Yorkshire in May 2020 by metal detectorists James Spark and Mark Didlick.

With a number of generous donations, the Yorkshire Museum was able to acquire the hoard which is now on display in an exhibition which runs through to March 2024.