StreetLife York - the Jewish Neighbourhood story

2022 - Ongoing

StreetLife York

2021 - Ongoing

An award of just under half a million pounds founded the StreetLife York project, which aimed to bring heritage and creativity-driven renewal to Coney Street - one of York’s most important historic High Streets.

Lyminge: Pathways to the Past

2021 - 2022

The nunnery at Lyminge, founded in 633, was one of England's first religious houses. In partnership with Reading University, Heritage360 produced digital visualisations of the existing church and its now-lost Anglo-Saxon predecessor.

St Davids Cathedral

2019 - 2021

With over 250,000 visitors a year, St Davids Cathedral is a major attraction in West Wales for tourists and pilgrims alike. Heritage360 provided digital engagement materials as part of a major visitor interpretation overhaul.

Hull Minster - Back to Life

2018 - 2022

Heritage360 worked with Hull Minster to produce an online collections management tool, a mobile-device tour and on-site touchscreens, in addition to 3D replicas of key archaeological finds from recent excavations.

Glastonbury Abbey

2016 - 2017

A collaboration with the University of Reading to implement a new visitor interpretation strategy that connected archaeology more directly to the spiritual and legendary significance of Glastonbury abbey.

Hexham Abbey


A collaborative project that sought to present Hexham abbey's rich, but largely hidden, history to visitors from an engaging, thought-provoking and fun perspective. The outputs would form a key part of the abbey's new visitor centre, which opened in 2014.

Worcester Cathedral

2012 - 2016

A three-year interpretation project that provided 3D visualisations, digital interactives and visitor signage to help visitors better appreciate the wonderful history of Worcester Cathedral.

Micklegate Priory Revealed

2010 - 2013

Between 2010 and 2013, the Micklegate Priory Revealed project utilised innovative 3D visualisation to explore one of the several major religious houses located within the walls of York during the 15th century.