In addition to our website development services, we also offer expertise in the construction of digital catalogues and databases.  Whether museum catalogues, photographic archives or databases of text-based information, we are able to build searchable, organised platforms that are both easily-managed and extensible.

Organisation and management

Digital cataloguing platforms offer an opportunity to collate and organise information into a rational, digital system. This may be for preservation purposes, or to ensure data is stored in an easily accessible, transferable form.

Our bespoke online catalogues include management facilities that ensure records are easy to create and edit without requiring prior web expertise. We also provide multi-level editing access that can be used to involve the volunteer data-creators that many heritage organisations and community projects rely upon.

Public engagement

In addition to advanced data management tools, our online platforms also provide public-facing search tools and cross-referencing functionality to create interactive online resources for research, teaching and exploration.

Coupled with our photography services we have delivered highly visual online archives that not only record and present fascinating information, but also help create narratives and stories that contextualise and enhance the data for public engagement.