Heritage360 creates engaging interactive touchscreens for heritage visitor attractions that can combine multimedia, audio, games and fascinating stories.

Why touchscreens?

Interactive touchscreens are a common sight in museums and heritage sites. They enhance the visitor experience and broaden the visitor offer by providing interaction that is available on-site only.

Touchscreens can present a significant amount of information in a structured, visually accessible way, and can help augment traditional information-board interpretation. Heritage360 works with clients to create bespoke touchscreen interfaces that provide a fun, informative and rewarding experience to visitors.


Heritage360 offers advice and support to identify, purchase and install touchscreen equipment and peripherals, including audio speakers.

We are experienced in identifying the most suitable equipment configurations for heritage sites to ensure equipment remains sympathetic to its surroundings.

COVID-19 awareness

As installations that require physical interaction, touchscreens require special measures to combat spread of the COVID-19 virus. Heritage360 continues to work with new and existing clients to establish suitable cleaning protocols and approaches to sanitisation that ensure touchscreen usage remains viable and safe.