An archaeologically-informed Canterbury, c.1450

A major focus of the AHRC project 'The Becket Connection' was a digital visualisation of the medieval city of Canterbury. Working with the Canterbury Archaeological Trust, Heritage360 produced an archaeologically-informed recreation of the city, c.1450, and an associated website.

The Becket Connection - 3D visualisation of Canterbury, c.1450

Project overview

This one year AHRC-funded project ran between 2018-2019 and aimed to present the fascinating story of Thomas Becket to visitors to the city of Canterbury.

The project brought together partners from Canterbury’s heritage, business and tourism sectors, including Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury Archaeological Trust, Visit Canterbury, Canterbury Museums and Canterbury BID.

The key project outputs were:

  • a fully-realised digital model of Canterbury in the mid-15th century, produced in collaboration with Canterbury Archaeological Trust;
  • a website presenting the models alongside information on Thomas Becket's life and medieval pilgrimage.

Canterbury boasts UNESCO world heritage site status, highlighting its cultural and heritage significance. From the Cathedral and numerous extant buildings from the 15th century, to hidden heritage masked by developments, old and new, there is an abundance of opportunities to present information and stories to visitors to the city. We hope to realise as many of these opportunities as possible.