We offer a range of photographic services to suit many situations, from architectural photography to drone capture to interactive photo-tours of heritage sites.  Our expertise in digital media can help incorporate our photography into engaging web, mobile and touchscreen-based resources.

Architectural photography

We offer high-quality architectural photography for both documenting/cataloguing and preservation purposes.  Using high quality lenses, we can capture detailed photographic records of even hard-to-reach elements such as roof bosses and high-level sculpture/carvings in churches.

A recent project at St Mary’s church in Beverley, North Yorkshire, provided high-quality photography of over 600 roof bosses, which were then presented in an online database resource.

Interactive virtual tours

Using panoramic photography, we are able to provide interactive virtual tours of buildings and heritage sites.  Tours are supplemented with information points to provide stories, fun facts and further explanation.

Our tours are accessible via both website and mobile device, encouraging remote-visiting and exploration both before and after a physical visit.  Mobile device users can also access the tours whilst on-site to provide additional information during their visit.

Drone/UAV imagery

Heritage360 are CAA-licenced UAV operators. Our UAV service provides high-quality aerial photography and video, suitable for landscape and building survey, conservation, visitor engagement and promotional purposes.

Promotional photography

In addition to the services detailed above, we also offer photography for promotional purposes.

Quality photography for use in hard-copy publications, websites and other media can be difficult to produce non-professionally. Heritage360 provides imagery that captures the atmosphere and character of heritage sites at a quality suitable for reproduction in both print and digital media.